Jeff and April Riddall

May, 1987

April and I met as young employees at the bakery and I immediately fell for her buns. She naturally liked me because I made a lot of bread, though not of the monetary variety. We became inseparable quicker than a loaf of sourdough rising in the industrial-sized proofer. We became high school sweathearts (typo intended), though we never went to the same high school. This was a bit dicey at times since I played competitive sports (particularly basketball) and our schools were crosstown rivals. I recall having to leave one particular a dance hosted at her school via the back door, as I was being hunted down by a few of the rivals, who had lost an important match to my team earlier the same day. I luckily survived and am now able to tell this story alongside the forever filling for my donut some 37 years later.

Millers Oven Bakery, Aurora, ON, Canada