Gummy Vinay

February, 14, 2021

There was an excitement, an anticipation building to see her, talk to her, hold her hands and already be with her. Am I already in love with her? She walks in pink and oh, valentine! I'm swept away off my feet, dancing in air and fluttering like a butterfly with butterflies in my stomach. I need to talk and impress her but the heart keeps skipping beats. I'm breathless. Talk I did, but of which language I don't remember. Part of me says, this is too beautiful and to just run away and save this memory as is. Who knew of the beautiful world I would get to see, when I let only my heart run and stayed there transfixed by her! Me: Mirror mirror who is the luckiest man on the planet? Mirror: The one who saw the girl in pink.

143, Heaven St, City of Destiny