Maureen and Adam

September, 4, 2016

My brother and I accidentally threw a party on the same night, so all his friends and my friends were there. We were around a bonfire drinking and chatting, when I got up to go to the bathroom. When I returned, his friend Adam had taken my seat. He refused to get up, I refused to sit on the grass so I told him if he didn’t move I’d just sit on him. Well he didn’t move so I plopped myself down on his lap. He was clearly nervous and didn’t know where to put his hands so I placed them on my lap for him. Eventually I look at him and ask if he’s ever kissed a girl before (he was 16) and he said no. I asked him if he wanted to, he thought about as I’m his best friend’s sister, but then said yes. I knew the instant we kissed that I wanted to be with him. He sucked at kissing but it was just a short kiss so it was still nice. We both really enjoyed it but he was obviously a little terrified of the consequences. However, I refused to let my brother stand in the way of me feeling that way again and convinced him to give me his snapchat. After a week of talking, and receiving the blessing from my brother, we went on a date. The rest is history :) <3

Elam, Chadds Ford, PA, United States