Renee and Rick


While a freshman in college, I signed up for a week-long experience in the Adirondacks to learn more about skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc. Upon arriving, in walked one of the ski instructors with a puffy red down coat. He immediately took by breath away and stole my heart. We started dating soon after but went our separate ways due to a transfer to a different college and the problems a long-distance relationship can bring. We each married other people, had 3 amazing children and found ourselves in marriages which did not lend themselves to a "happily ever after" plan. Thirty years later, an email at Christmas from him rekindled the flame that was never doused. We have now been together for ten years. I ** happily with my best friend and feel everyday is a bit of a miracle which should never be wasted.

Star Lake, NY, United States