Rick and Renee

January, 14, 1977

I was in college at Potsdam and on the weekend would teach skiing and snow shoeing in Star Lake on the weekend. On this particular weekend, we had to teach a PE course for some girls from St. Rose College. One look at those clear blue eyes and I was immediately smitten. I awkwardly tried to chat her up, to offer a lesson on the finer points of skiing. I was rebuffed. She had been warned about those 'ski instructors'. I persisted...and we dated for a few years before I finished college out in the Rockies during which time I messed up our relationship and things ended. Long story short? Life happened. We each married another, each had 3 children, each failed in our marriages. Then...30 later... we started an email correspondence that blossomed and grew. She became once again the light and love in my life. That was 10 years ago. We're still madly in love and the best part? She still has those amazing blue eyes.

Star Lake, NY, United States