Amanda and Alex

January, 14, 2020

While we technically friended each other in August of 2019, we didn't start dating till January 14th of 2020. Alex is my first boyfriend, the first romantic relationship actually. We met on Steam (a PC gaming platform). On August 14th I joined a group called "Looking For Friends", made a post on introductions, and checked back a few days later, scrolled down, only to find a fellow in England who seemed pretty neat! He posted on August 22. I dunno something about " [...] I'm pretty good at talking about absolutely anything and I'm quite open and relaxed about everything too [...]" Struck with a very chatty gal like me. So for the next six months, we'd chat almost daily and played games together. On January 14th (the 15th for him, we have two anniversaries!) We were messaging back and forth and I made the comment along the lines of "I'd date someone long-distance, they take work but I think I could manage" and thus a domino effect with lots of internally screaming gifs from him as he asked "Do you have anyone particular in mind?" and me just not getting what he was hinting at. He finally asked "do you want to enter a long-distance relationship with me?" and after considering things for a solid minute I said "yes". We were both happy and awake from the adrenaline. And it's been fantastic with him, a few bumps here and there but all relationships have those I think, one day we hope to meet in person. But until then we're just taking it one day at a time. 😊💖

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