Cesar Chaves and Helena Fabela


Fabela met César in 1942 while she was still a student at Delano High School. After his World War II service ended in 1945, he began spending more time with her. The couple was married in a civil ceremony in 194. Over the next decade, the two grew to a family of ten with the total addition of eight children (Fernando, Sylvia, Linda, Eloise, Liz, Paul, Anna, and Anthony) and a later total of 31 grandchildren. Helena's father had been involved in the Mexican Revolution, and so she knew a thing or two about political activism. She played a significant role, in the home and outside of it, in assisting the struggle of farm workers alongside César. Text adapted under under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License from Wikipedia article on Helena Fabela.

Delano, CA, United States