Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera


Diego Rivera was painting the mural Creation when Frida Kahlo first appeared in his life. She was a 12 year old student at the school, Diego an instructor noted for having revived the Mayan mural tradition. Diego's first wife - who was present at the first encounter - had the correct premonition, for Kahlo and Rivera were to become lifelong lovers. Diego remembers her dignity and self-assurance, the fire in her eyes. Kahlo was a force of nature that he found irresistable until the two eventual started dating, she at the age of 18 and he at 36, to be married four years later. Kahlo like nature could not be contained. She took Josephine Baker and Leon Trotsky as lovers (Diego also had an affair with Frida's younger sister) but all the while maintained that Rivera was the greatest love of her life. Their persons and their love are memorialized like few others. And you can also visit their museums: Museo Mural Diego Rivera, Museo de Frida Kahlo and their home: Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo.

Anfiteatro Simon Bolívar, Escuela Nacional Preparatoria , Ciudad de México