Jane and Tommy

December, 28, 2018

I was in Cabo with some girlfriends, staying somewhere else but hey, we were down at the beach, actually heading back to our hotel, and wanted to linger a big longer. Fortunately the Bahia (looked like a nice hotel, by the way) had a great little bar we could hang out at. Tommy and a few guy friends were already there and everyone in Cabo being on vacation and so friendly, we all joined up. It is very useful to have a few drinks to let your inhibitions down. It certainly makes it easier to accept that you could conceivably like someone, particularly if that someone is a cute LA lawyer. And I live in LA too, how about that? So we met in Cabo and agreed to see each other back in LA too. He called me very soon after I got back. I wondered if we could continue to hit it off without all that alcohol and was happy to find that yes, we could. We aren't engaged yet but I'm hoping... maybe this little heart here will bring me good luck.

El Medano, Cabo San Lucas, BCS, México