Tinder Hater

April, 15, 2019

I was way into Tinder fatigue. I'd wait on the CVS line and swipe. I'd be at home sort of watching Prime Video, which has run out of good shows, so I'd just swipe away while semi-watching. Really, f*ck Tinder. I f***ing hate it. So I got myself a free acount on a dating site which I won't reveal because I don't want them to profit from it, because I hate dating sites too, and found that also to be a meat market but not as convenient as Tinder. So then I dressed up slutty and went to a bar, but that was like a desert with alcohol. Then I joined a study group not because I wanted to study anything but because I wanted a date. (I mean I could have gotten a date on Tinder, right? But I hate TInder, remember?) So I'm currently contemplating my next adventure in dating... will it be virtual or physical?

Downtown, Atlanta, GA, United States