Sam and Phoebe


We met at the original Jewish speed dating event in Los Angeles. It is kind of funny. I had just come in from a hike in the desert, and had had no time to change. Everyone else there obviously made an attempt at looking decent. I was wearing torn pants, a worn anorak, and whiskers. Freaking hilarious. But i was sort of happy, because it certainly made me stick out. Most of the girls I met seemed completely put off by me, which I was quite amused by. I figured the entire night would be a waste since I obviously did not "fit in with the peacocks" but shockingly one of the girls liked me! We went on a few dates afterwards and she told me that my appearance really hadn't mattered, it was simply that she liked talking with me. So maybe it was me that was being shallow after all, thinking that my appearance had mattered.

Hancock Park, Los Angeles, CA, United States