Fiona and Rick

June, 26, 2004

I had already met up for casual flings with women on Tinder many times before; usually talking for a few days (in some cases, only HOURS) before meeting at a bar. However, this situation seemed different. She was located about 30 to 35 minutes south of me, an attorney in Ann Arbor. For several weeks, maybe even a month, we would just exchange jokes (I think I did a really good job making her laugh), with no discussion of ever meeting. One evening, I was around the lake at a good friend's house, drinking beer and smoking cigars, with the intention of some late-night fishing on his boat. She called me, stating she was actually leaving a cigar bar; I jokingly asked her to stop by, after she countered my love of cigars with her love of fishing. Well, she actually said "sure," upon learning I wasn't too far away. Long story short, she had a blast staying the night with me, and, we are now married, with our beautiful three-month old Eleanor Kay. We have not EVER argued even once, after 15 months together!

Whitmore Lake, Michigan, United States