Winifred and Joe

March, 15, 2000

I needed a part-time job and went through a temp agency. I was placed in the customer service center of a local bank - I didn't know much about finance but could type quickly and had a good phone manner. It was a standard cube farm in a large room. The woman in the cubicle next to me obviously knew what she was doing - I often listened to her talk through complex problems with customers on the phone and always left them happy. I started asking her questions whenever I got stuck, and a friendship blossomed. I found I could talk to her about any number of different things, and we saw the world very much the same way. I started looking forward to my weekend part-time job, when I could see and talk to her, side by side in our cubicles. After a few months I asked her out, and the rest is history. We celebrated 19 years of marriage last month.

St. Paul, Minnesota, United States