Theresa and Alan

October, 22, 2018

I have a pretty awesome first date story. It really wasn't a date but a chance meeting that became a date. I was out with friends when I noticed a guy who looked lost and a bit drunk. That being said, I was a bit drunk myself but not so much that I didn't realize he was in distress. I went up to him and he told me that he couldn't find his car. I thought that him driving was not a good idea so I told him I'd walk around with him and help him look, all the while trying to find a restaurant that was open so I could sober him up some. As we walked, we talked and talked and I told him I was hungry and wanted to stop and grab some food. He said okay so we stopped at a little place that was open. I got some coffee and food in him and before we knew it, it was 3am. We left and walked more, still looking for his car. At about 6am, we found the car. I felt that something special was going on and before I knew it, he leaned in and kissed me. From that day on, we haven't been apart, going on 20 years now.

Oakcrest, Virginia, United States