Charley and Vince

September, 9, 2015

I met her at a new age spa treatment place, after she had a massage. She invited me to look the business over, and one of the owners showed me the salt cave, immersion chamber, etc. We then went for a long walk in the park, just chatting and discovering mutual interests. We then went to lunch, where we learned we're both vegetarians. The sky was getting dark. We browsed a nearby bookstore, and I feel I learned a lot about her, watching what caught her interest and how she reacted to various titles. By now, it was raining. We went to a library and browsed some more, then sat in my car, evaluating the date and deciding to see each other again. I dropped her off at home. By now, it was storming violently. She made sure to contact me to be assured I got home okay.

Dubuque, Iowa, United States