Pat and Sam

April, 19, 2018

There were three possibilities:he was someone I’d quickly forget, someone I’d fall madly in love with, or an axe murderer. (I wouldn’t be sure about the third one until probably later.) we’d talked on the phone but I’ve gotten used to people on the phone being completely different in the flesh. Well he wasn’t liked I pictured him when we were on the phone, but he didn’t seem like an axe murderer either, so I took a chance on him and stayed for more than five minutes. But I’d gotten used to bad dates so made sure I had something to do an hour later, and didn't stay long. He told me afterwards that he thought my leaving so soon meant I didn’t like him. I should have told him the whole truth at the time! We go out on much longer dates now, or we just stay home and watch a movie. I make sure I don’t have plans afterwards :)

Nichols Hills, Oklahoma, United States